• Welcome to JustJuice Smoothies!

    We are mixing up the healthiest, tastiest and

    most local smoothies in the Washinton D.C. area.

    Just the best fruit and veggies! #JustTheGoodStuff

    Established in the Spring of 2017

    cing elit

    HEalthy, energizing smoothies

    100% natural, nothing Artificial, No Weird stuff


    Supporting Local D.C., VA and MD Farmers

    We use Local and organic fruits and Veggies whenever possible

    Spreading the Smoothie love

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  • Our Smoothies

    Every smoothie crafted by hand, every smoothie with JUST the right ingredients.

    Our smoothies follow the season as much as possible, each has ingredients from local farmers.

    So Fresh and So Clean

    light yellow smoothie - light, yogurty, slightly tart!

    whole apple, peaches, apple cider, nonfat plain greek yogurt, dried cranberries, kiss of honey


    Kale-ing Me Softly

    dark green smoothie - refreshing, over two cups of greens, our most popular!

    kale, spinach, apple cider, peach, cucumber, lemon, ginger, kiss of honey

    Nutty Professor

    blue smoothie - rich and nutty, notes of blueberry pie, maple-y!

    blueberries, low-fat milk, peach, walnuts, apple cider, kiss of maple

    Cherry Feeling Beet

    bright red smoothie - great pre-workout, not too beety!

    cherries, strawberries, tart cherry juice, apple cider, beets, kiss of honey

    March on Washington

    pink smoothie - creamy, smooth, ~25 g protein, nice berry-pop with mint finish!

    low-fat milk, raspberries, cashews, apple cider, strawberries, nonfat plain greek yogurt, dried cranberries, mint

    Orange You Glad?

    orange smoothie - punchy, sweet, classic, refreshing

    fresh squeezed orange juice, apple cider, mango, carrots, peaches, strawberries

  • Our Mission

    Serving the healthiest, 100% natural smoothies in the DC, Virginia area. We are on a mission to serve you smoothies that include JUST the tastiest, most local ingredients, while supporting just causes through business - a healthy share of all profits will be invested in people and the planet. No weird ingredients, #JustTheGoodStuff

    What We're Made Of

    We only serve the most healthy and energizing smoothies and smoothie bowls around. We strive to spread good health and wholesome nutrition. We are strict about what goes into our smoothies.

     NO filler ingredients

     NO syrups or bad sugars

    NO sorbets or ice creams

    NO sugary yogurts

     NO juice concentrates

    NO weird stuff or surprises

    JUST the good stuff!


    We strive to use local produce and ingredients, and we use organic whenever possible.

  • Our Story

    We are healthy smoothies and juices on a mission


    The core ethos JustJuice revolves around the word "Just." Just representing the wholesome, bare, 100% nature of the fruit and complete foods in each drink, along with our key mission to support "just" causes through business - a healthy share of all profits will be invested in people and the planet.


    Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia have very few healthy eating options. We started JustJuice to bring you a fast and easy way to get your daily fruits and vegetables.


    We believe that planet > profits. We take pride in running the most sustainable business possible. All of our cups, lids, spoons, straws, bowls are compostable or biodegradable. We use un-bleached, recycle paper napkins. We use only non-toxic and biodegradable soaps and cleaners. We use bamboo and other sustainable wood products whenever possible.